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Use this form only for credit card orders.

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Enter the desired quantity in the boxes next to each product.

I would like to purchase the following products from Zillions Development :
_____ [$24.98 each] Zillions of Games 2 Unlock Key (provide list of names)
_____ [$34.98 + $5 S&H = $39.98 each ] Zillions of Games 2 shipment to continental U.S.A.
_____ [$34.98 + $15 S&H = $49.98 each] Zillions of Games 2 with $15 overseas postage and handling

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Shipping note

Unfortunately at this time orders may take a long time to arrive. We recommend ordering an unlock key online, which will get you playing immediately.


Please print this completed form and fax to (831) 338-6325, or mail to:

Zillions Development Corp., P.O. Box 2264, Boulder Creek, CA 95006
Do not use this form for email orders. Use this link instead for a secure web site.
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