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Solitaire References

Mallett, Jeff
An Optimal Solution for the 8x8 Diagonal Solitaire Puzzle (online)
A proof that at least 4 marbles must remain on the board at the end of this puzzle.

Beasley, John D.
The Ins and Outs of Peg Solitaire
Recreations in Mathematics series, Oxford University Press, 1985, 275pp., ISBN 0-19-853203-2
A detailed account of all aspects of peg solitaire, essential for the enthusiast, through the mathematics is fairly heavy in spots.   Includes a detailed bibliography, glossary, index, and hundreds of solutions to problems.  Out of print, but widely available in libraries.

editors of Klutz Press
(The Klutz Book of) Peg Solitaire, 23 All-on-your-own Games
Klutz Press, 1996, 62 pp., ISBN 1-57054-033-0, $17.95
Light introduction for beginners, covering solitaire on the 33-hole English board and the 13-hole star board.  Includes two bound-in boards in hard plastic and a zippered envelope with plastic pegs, making it easy to try out the various problems given in the book.  The Strategies section explains three of the basic removal patterns.  Full solutions to most of the problems are included.

Berlekamp, Elwyn R., John H. Conway, Richard K. Guy
Winning Ways, 2 volumes
Academic Press, 1982, 850 pp., ISBN 0-12-091102.7
The definitive work on all aspects of mathematical games and puzzles.  Chapter 23, Purging Pegs Properly, covers peg solitaire on the 33-hole English board, showing how to break down a problem into individual `packages`.  Other problems are also discussed, and some of the mathematical theory of the game is outlined.  Like Beasley's book, Winning Ways is heavy on the mathematics, but is out of print and in great demand among puzzle enthusiasts.  Libraries should have this also.

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