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Introducing Zillions of Games 2.0

For game players, Zillions 2.0 offers improved graphics, more than 50 new game variants, highlighting of from/drop/to/attacked squares, a quick method for arranging the board, a quick way to switch sides, a Recent Saved Games menu, status bar display of position names, customizable background color, new keyboard shortcuts, and much more. Net-play has been overhauled and DirectPlay lobby support has been added, allowing you to match opponents through MSN Messenger.

For game authors, Zillions 2.0 adds a new authoring mode to help you see what's going on in your game. With it you can view the position boundaries, direction links, zones, goal positions, piece-position values for the entire board, piece attribute settings, complete information about the effects of moves, ZRF-parsing statistics, game object totals, and what the ZRF looks like after macros have been expanded. Edited ZRFs can be reloaded with a single key-press, the syntax error dialog has been improved, you can cancel out of loading without enduring endless error dialogs, and multiple board images for a game are supported (even if they are of different sizes).

Zillions 2.0 reads all current rules files and has been tested with over 5,000 different game variants in over 1,000 rules files. It has been revised to be fully Windows XP compatible and to support massively complex games. Zillions 2.0 requires DirectX 8 or higher.

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