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Product Features

Many Ways to Play

  • Strong* "artificial intelligence" opponent
  • Internet play -- play a friend on the other side of the world
  • LAN and modem play through DirectX technologies

Explore and Learn!

  • Packed with over 300 board games, puzzles, and variants
  • Integrated strategy tips, history, and help for every game
  • Legal move display --- pick up a piece to see how it moves
  • Adjustable skill levels and time settings
  • Take-back
  • Context-sensitive piece help; Status bar help
  • Hints and puzzle solutions

Expand and Experiment!

  • Download more free games from the Zillions of Games web site
  • Modify rules to create your own game variants
  • Invent your own new games ...and play them immediately
  • Drop in future killer engines with Zillions' plug-in architecture

Superior User Interface

  • Now works with the Logitech WingMan Force Feedback Mouse to support a whole range of move sensations. Here's how!
    (If you have the CD boxed version of Zillions and wish to take advantage of this feature, please upgrade your version by going here. It's very simple to do!)

  • "Smart Moves" - one click to move
  • "Face Feedback" and search status
  • Board editing for easy problem setup
  • VCR-style navigation buttons and arrow-key navigation
  • Game saving and loading
  • Graphical selection screens; View by game complexity
  • Sounds and music
  • Animation
  • Printing
  • Online user documentation
  • Scoresheet -- click move list to jump to any point in the game

* Zillions of Games was developed by computer chess professionals after years of research. It has defeated many masters and international masters in chess variant play. Zillions' Reversi plug-in engine won a MacTech-sponsored tournament against 9 other programs, scoring 33 wins out of 36 games, while Zillions' Ninuki-Renju plug-in engine won a similar computer-Pente tournament.

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