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Here are the submitting instructions to share your own creations with the Zillions of Games community!

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Free Games - How to Share your Game

Please note: People will need the full version of Zillions to run your game, which can be purchased at the Zillions Store:

Want to share your Zillions game with others?

Simply and we can publish your creation on the Zillions site.
If possible, please help us by including with your email:

  • An actual size screenshot for the game's page. If the actual width is a bit too much for a web page, say wider than 800 pixels, please scale or crop it down a tad.
  • A small thumbnail image for the listing page. The thumbnail should fit inside a 172 x 120 pixels box (resp. width x height).
  • A short (1 or 2 line) description for the listing page.
  • The number of variants.
  • The minimum Zillions version that's required for your game, if applicable.
  • Optional, on an update: the version of your game, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • You may suggest a theme to classify your game in, but we reserve the right to categorize it to our own liking.
Also, please design the .zrf to work if it's installed using the installation instructions -- we want to get people playing as quickly as possible! This means that custom graphics should be specified as a relative path to the .zrf. Requiring the user to add new graphics to his images folder shuts the door on users who run off the CD-ROM.
See below for detailed instructions on preparing the package.

Please be advised you're considered to agree with our conditions by submitting your game to us.

Preparing the zip package to submit

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to start playing your game quickly, preferably allowing the user to run Zillions off the CD-ROM, while giving them the option to merge a downloaded game into the standard Zillions installation. The latter has some advantages but it should not be a prerequisite!
To achieve these goals, please follow these instructions when preparing a zip for submission:

Below is a screenshot of what the result typically should look like in Windows Explorer after the user unzipped the "GreatFreeGame" download anywhere (s)he likes:

From within WinZip the package should look like this (the actual .wav and .bmp names may differ, of course):
Please observe the following:
  • The game zrf-file resides in the top-level folder of the unzipped package. Without any further preparation, double-clicking it should run the game without trouble.
  • The top-level should also contain a ReadMe file, explaining what the download is and what is required to use it (the Zillions of Games program!). Take a peek at a couple of existing free games for some examples.
  • The name of the game must be unique for all submissions, so pick one that's original. Using a name that isn't adequately distinctive might prevent the game from being published on the Zillions site.
  • Put all the supporting files (images and such) that are included with your game inside subfolders within the "images", "audio", etcetera, folders. (You don't have to include the files that are located in the Zillions installation - the user already has those.) We reserve the right to restructure your submission if you didn't follow this rule.
  • Use the game name to name the zip file, the zrf file and the subfolders within the "images", "audio", etcetera, folders. Not doing so might spell trouble when people want to merge submissions together.
  • If you don't have audio files, the "audio" folder doesn't have to be present in your package. If you have other supporting files, e.g. "solution"- or "include"-files, structure it along the same lines.

Conditions for submitting your games

By submitting your creation to us, you agree to and accept the following:

  • You warrant that you either own the right to what you're submitting, you have permission from the rightful owner to submit it or it's in the public domain. In other words, it's up to you to resolve copyright issues.
    Deriving your zrf from the ones included with the Zillions of Games program is allowed, using code and/or graphics from other sources (e.g. other submissions) without permission is not.
  • You grant Zillions of Games non-exclusive rights to publish your work on the Zillions of Games site. No compensation will be required, not by Zillions of Games nor by the visitor of our site downloading your submission.

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