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Enter our "Best of the Zillions" contest by creating the best new game for the Zillions engine and win great Zillions prizes!

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"Best of the Zillions" Contest Winners!

1st Contest | 2nd Contest | 3rd Contest

There are a lot of truly talented folks out there writing games for the Zillions engine. We want to give these folks a nod by giving special awards to the most innovative and fun creations submitted.

Below are the winners of our contest so far. If you would like to make a nomination or vote on the current nominees, please go to the "Best of the Zillions" contest page. We want to hear from you!

Winners so far...

First Contest:

  • OCTI For Kids by Don Green - Best Non-Chess Game/Puzzle Category (March, 2001)
  • Congo (Demian Freeling's) by Ed van Zon - Best Chess-Related Category (March, 2001)

Second Contest:

  • Sisyphus (Hiroyuki Imabayashi's) by Fergus Duniho - Best Puzzle (June, 2001)
  • Martian Chess by Chris Huntoon - Best Chess Variant (June, 2001)
  • Pompeii by W. D. Troyka - Best "Other" Games (June, 2001)

Third Contest:

  • Labirintus II by László Nagy - Best Puzzle (December, 2001 - wins a Logitech Wingman Force Feedback Mouse)
  • ERB Jetan (Edgar Rice Borrough's) by L. Lynn Smith - Best Chess Variant (December, 2001 - wins a Zillions of Games golf shirt)
  • Mouse Island (Donald Green's) by Stephen Tavener - Best "Other" Games (December, 2001 - wins a Logitech Wingman Force Feedback Mouse)

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