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Manual Installation Instructions

The following instructions are provided to allow you to install Zillions of Games from the CD by hand. Zillions of Games comes with an installer though, so you shouldn't need to.

1) Update your comctl32.dll to a new version if necessary. The newest version is available for download from

2) Install Direct X if you don't already have it. You can do this by running:


from the CD-ROM. OR you can simply copy this file from the Zillions CD-ROM:


to your C:\Windows\System\ directory, if you only want the components that Zillions uses. OR you can download DirectX from the Microsoft site. This is a slightly newer version than on the CD (6.1 vs. 6.0).

After these steps you should be able to run Zillions.exe from the CD. To install on a hard-disk, follow this additional step:

3) Create new directory anywhere on your hard-disk. Copy the following files/folders from the CD into it:


That's it. You're ready to run Zillions.exe!

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