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Other Sites About Zillions Of Games

Hans Bodlaender's Chess Variants Site
The best chess variants site on the web. At last count, Hans had 600 chess variant rules files implemented in Zillions. New games seem to be appearing here nearly every week!

Karl Scherer's "Free Zillions Downloads" - Karl has created more than 300 different games using the Zillions engine. The entire list of them is located here - but you'll also want to check out his entire site ATLANTIS Games, Art, and Books for a lot of other puzzles, games, problems, brain teasers and related books. Impressive.

Andreas Kaufmann 's "WinBoard Adapter for Zillions of Games"
Andreas's plugin allows you to use WinBoard compatible Chess and Crazyhouse engines with Zillions of Games for better play. This is a common standard for chess software, so there are lots of choices available.

Jens Markmann's "The Art of Games" (not available anymore)
Jens has been busy making ZRFs to download, and is working on others. And don't miss Jens' ZRF Guide, which has great help for writing your own games!

Fergus Duniho's "Games Gallery"
Try out Fergus' Cavalier Chess and alternate piece sets for Chess, Shogi, and Chinese and Korean chess.  And much more besides...

Derek Nalls' Symmetrical Chess Collection
Derek has put together a number of great Symmetrical Chess games well worth downloading for play with Zillions.

László Nagy (Hungary)
Collection of Zillions games on the site of the "Ungarischen BoardSpiele Gesellschaft". Check out the rest of this site for even more fine games.

A unique game of strategy for two or four players. There is a .ZRF file to play the children's version of this game using the Zillions engine.

Other Excellent Sites about Board Games & Puzzles
Calling itself the "Mathematical Recreations Website", is certainly that. There's information on strategy, how to find and even how to create, math-related puzzles. Tons of links to other sites and lots of references to written resources makes this a great stop for puzzle enthusiasts who have a few hours (or days??) to spare.

Abstract Games Magazine
THE magazine to check out for game strategy articles, game reviews and news for people who love strategic board games.

Shogi Variant Software
A site filled with information on variants of this popular game - including mention of Zillions at the bottom of the page.

Gamepuzzles by Kadon Enterprises Inc.
Abstract games galore, including online puzzles, a message board, various truly innovative Gamepuzzles (their own Trademarked word!) and a unique philosophy: "Kadon's goal is to make and sell good and true and beautiful things at decent prices. ... The products should bring pleasure to the widest range of individuals, from child to adult, from beginner to expert. The style and concept of the products should be universal and timeless, each idea presented in its purest form. Each product must be worthy of the customer's time and money." They certainly seem to have done that. Pictures of the various games are available and they really do look like works of art. Look for the "Game of Y" in particular.

MSO Worldwide
Free online board games, card games & puzzles, news, links, articles by recognized experts & information on upcoming Mind Sport events. Another unique site with so much information in it that you could spend days and days in here and not see it all. The online games are supplied by Zillions Development.

Knowledge Realm
Selling quality chess sets. They also have a large list of very useful board game (mostly chess-related) and puzzle links.

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