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Legacy (Version 1) Patches

Patches to upgrade from version 2.0 to the latest version are available here.

The patches below update earlier 1.x versions of Zillions to version 1.3.1. There is no free patch to upgrade to version 2. If you already have the full (unlocked) version 1.x and would like to upgrade to version 2, please contact Zillions with your Zillions 1 unlock key to receive an upgrade discount.

Version 1.3.1 Released -- June 17, 2001

Posted new patch for the Colossal Collection -- November 15, 2001

Compared to 1.3 (the previous patch) version 1.3.1 adds:

  • FANORONA - Updated so you can't go the same direction twice in a row.
  • Corrected multiple problems with calculating the value of pieces.
  • Corrected and improved detection of negative-value pieces. [Affected CHESS:LOSING CHESS]
  • Authors: If a variant contains multiple grids, they are now linked up only with the directions they define, not with directions defined in other grids.
  • Authors: Dummy pieces with bitmaps are now drawn again. (back by popular demand)
  • Authors: Language Reference improved. (new keywords, cross-links; 10 pages updated)

and lots more!

A complete list of changes is here. This is a free upgrade.

Installation Instructions

1) Download. Which version do you have installed currently?  If you have...

You can find the version number by selecting "About Zillions..." in the Help menu.

2) Make sure that Zillions is installed on your hard disk, then run the .exe you just downloaded to proceed with the update. If you installed Zillions to some place other than the default location of C:\Program Files\Zillions of Games., you will be given a chance to Browse to the spot where you installed Zillions.

Who should upgrade?

All owners with a version earlier than 1.3.1 who do not wish to purchase version 2, which is the currently supported version.

How do I tell what version of Zillions I have?

There are two ways, either:

* Choose "About Zillions..." under Zillions' Help menu. The dialog will give the Version number. This is probably simplest.
* Right-click on Zillions.exe and choose Properties from the popup menu. Switch to the Version Tab and choose "Product Version" from the list.

Does the "p" or "e" at the end matter?

It matters as to which updater you should use. However, in terms of features, the number is the only thing that matters, i.e. version 1.3.1 and 1.3.1p have the same features and bug fixes.

Will the updater overwrite new rules files or bitmaps I have added to my Zillions directories?

No. The updater is smart enough to leave alone any files it doesn't know about.

I have modified some of Zillions' standard rules files. What will the updater do?

The updater doesn't want you to lose your work so it will not make any changes if it detects that the files in the original install of Zillions have changed. In this case, we recommend you do a fresh install of Zillions from the CD and then use the appropriate patch on that new install.

Will the update change any system files on my computer?

No. This update only makes changes in your Zillions of Games directory.

There have been some fixes to some game rules files in this update. What will happen if a 1.3.1 user plays a user with an older version in a game over the Internet?

For the vast majority of variants, everything will work fine. However, for the few variants that had problems in earlier versions, such as Mu-Torere, High Jump, Ultima, Tafl variants, and Small Chess variants, there might be situations where one side is sending a move that the other side will not recognize as legal. Also, a user of an earlier version of Zillions may get challenged to a game that is only in 1.3.1. Both of these are good reasons for all users to upgrade to 1.3.1.

Anything else to be aware of?

When you go to "Add/Remove Programs" to uninstall Zillions, the uninstaller may not know how to remove the files that are new with 1.3.1. You will have to find the Zillions of Games folder and manually delete these items.

Also, Microsoft® HTML Help (.chm files) is the standard help system for the Windows platform; however, if your copy of Windows 95 does not have this service pack, problems may be had when trying to view the updated .chm (language & help) files.

If you experience a problem, try the following:

A service pack probably exists in: to update your system, but it may be simpler to just update the HTML Help component directly by running this updater:

Here is part of the ReadMe for that:
All the components necessary to display HTML Help are installed with any of the following:

Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later
Microsoft Windows 98, ME, or 2000
Microsoft Windows NT Server or Windows NT Workstation version 5.0

If none of these are available on your computer, you may need to install or update the HTMLHelp on your system to view the help. hhupd.exe will update HTML Help to the latest version. It will work in all supported languages.

System requirements:

HTML Help requires about 8 MB of free disk space.

The HTML Help Installation and Update Package (any language version of Hhupd.exe) will not run on a Windows NT system unless you have administrator privileges.

Windows 2000 users should not run the HTML Help Installation and Update Package. Help component updates are provided via Windows service packs. For more information, visit the Windows 2000 Home Page.

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