Zillions Review
in CHESS Magazine

Review by Mike Fox, co-author of "The Even More Complete Chess Addict"
Reprinted with permission from the "Addicts' Corner" in CHESS magazine



Don't call us for the next couple of years please.We are glued to our pc's (except for essential activities like eating, sleeping and watching University Challenge) until well after the Millenium.

We have just acquired Zillions of Games. If you're into chess variants, and we are, this is the nearest you're going to get to paradise. Not only can the Z. of G. program play Chinese chess, Japanese chess, Burmese chess, Thai chess, and fifty odd of the best variants we know; not only can it play a sackful of your favourite non-chess board games (like Chinese Checkers, Reversi, draughts, nine men's morris, go moku) plus dozens you've never heard of (would you believe shap huk kon tseung kwan?); but if you're even slightly computer programming literate, you can teach it to play almost any two player boardgame there is.

And if all that weren't enough, you can download from the Internet - free - still more games from the makers.


We are just getting to grips with this phenomenon. More later (if ever we resurface).

If you can't wait that long, rush immediately to http//www.zillions-of-games.com

We ought to add that we'd never have heard about Zillions of Games were it not for the blessed Variant Chess ('the magazine to broaden your chess horizons'), to whom we are also indebted for our next item.

PS We ought to have mentioned: 'Zillions' also plays orthodox chess. Fritz 5 it ain't; but then Fritz is pretty rubbish at Burmese Chess.

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