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Game News

First Universal Board Game program released

Zillions Development ships a revolutionary Windows program that can be taught to play nearly any board game in the world!

Imagine a software opponent ready to play you any game you teach it ...and beat you. Zillions Development Corporation, a company founded by professional chess programmers, has created just such an opponent, Zillions of Games. "We wanted to make a new kind of AI that understands game-play, not just chess, or any other single game," explains Zillions' inventor, Jeff Mallett. "We wanted to make it infinitely expandable, so that users could share their games and download new ones from the net."

Since it comes pre-loaded with rules for 292 game variants and puzzles, Zillions can teach you how to play games as well. Classics like Chess, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, and Go-Moku are included, as are more off-beat selections like Dodg'em, Neutron, Hip, and dozens of Chess variants. "From the simplicity of Tic-Tac-Toe to the complexities and subtleties of Shogi and XiangQi, we're providing a broad range to satisfy any strategy gamer -- all in one application with one cool user-interface," reports President Mark Lefler, whose previous Chess engine has toppled some of the world's best grandmasters in tournament play. "This makes it a great gift." More games for Zillions are downloadable from the Zillions of Games website.

Zillions of Games also allows players to match wits with each other real-time over the Internet. "People can connect and then chat about which of the hundreds of board games they want to play," explains Jeff, the author of a client for a well-known Internet gaming service. Other features of Zillions include board editing, VCR-style navigation, game saving/loading/printing, skill/time adjustment, sounds/music/animation, legal move display, hints/solutions, history/strategy/piece help, moves list, "Smart Moves", and "Face Feedback". 

Reported by Holt Meyers, PC Gameworld, 18th December 1998

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