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Sample "Zillions of Games" Engine Plug-in 1/7/01

We hope that this sample game-engine plug-in will be extremely useful to you as you go about creating your own games to work within the Zillions engine.

Here is the ReadMe.txt file (also included in the downloadable zip file):

Zillions of Games ( supports an API for plug-in game engines. This sample demonstrates how to make a working plug-in for Zillions of Games v.1.2.3. The Visual C++ 6 project and all source code are included, as well as the built engine, Sample.dll. Documentation of Zillions plug-in API can be found in plugin.html, which is also included.

The engine is intentionally simple: it plays random moves in 19x19 Go-Moku.

Note to users of the free Borland Command Line Compiler:
To compile,
1) rename "Engine.def" to "RandomGoMoku.def", and
2) compile with: "bcc32 -WD RandomGoMoku.c"

Please Note: This code is provided "as is," solely for demonstration purposes and with no warrantees. Code from the included C files may be used freely in Zillions plug-ins. However, the included BMPs may not be redistributed.

Click here to download the sample.

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