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Zillions of Games 2.0p Demo Updates

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Zillions of Games Demo 2.0p Updates

Patch Available (v.2.0.1p)

Updates locked demo version from 2.0p to 2.0.1p

Download Now (~1 MB)

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if, on startup, Zillions was either denied permission to access the registry or if Zillions settings did not previously exist. This could happen if Zillions had not previously been installed on the machine.
  • If a position is too small to display a label, Zillions will now display a dot. This can help you locate tiny positions.
  • CHECKERS: FRISIAN CHECKERS - Orthogonal captures weren't being allowed.
  • COINS: TURNING variants - Corrected sound.
  • Fixed display problems when the board was enlarged:
    • The background outside of the board wouldn't redraw properly, e.g. moving the moves list around slowly could leave screen garbage.
    • Bitmaps with an even-valued dimension of x pixels would be enlarged to 2x-1 pixels rather than 2x pixels, causing problems in games with pieces that were meant to entirely cover the background.
  • Fixed some bugs affecting outside games (affected no games in Zillions):
    • Puzzles with random players were not being correctly detected as puzzles by Zillions and so the repetition goal was being enforced as in a 2-player game.
    • Pieces recycled into the store could not be dropped unless they also appeared within board-setup using the "off" keyword.
    • If total-piece-count was used with players at the top level (not under an "and"/"or"/"not"), any specified players would be ignored.
    • Fixed incorrect syntax error that occurred when "not-attacked?" or "not-defended?" commands were used with two arguments.
    • Fixed bug in checkmate games where a king would be allowed to move into a square threatened by an enemy piece having the ability to capture without moving.
    • Fixed bug in checkmate games where detection of whether a king was in check was applied inconsistently for partial moves.
    • Fixed potential problems that might occur if "kill-positions" is used on a position in a zone.
  • Fixed bugs with "Highlight Movable" or "Highlight Attacks":
    • Highlighting was not being updated after a partial move.
    • Avoids unnecessary flickering of the highlighting while loading in a saved game.
  • Fixed problems with the Recent Games menu:
    • Fixed problems with the menu and the titlebar after an attempt to open a ZRF with a syntax error.
    • Allows user ZRFs ending in "Select.zrf" to appear in the menu.
  • Changes to allow unlocked versions of Zillions of Games 1.Xp and 2.Xp to co-exist on the same machine.
  • Fixed bug where the wrong side could be reported as the winner when loading a saved game.
  • Fixed bug where "Move-types" in the statistics window was always reported as 0.
  • Fixed bug where change-sound wasn't always played in some situations, such as promotions.
  • The "Win/Loss in x" number displayed in the search bar is now more accurate for repetition goals.
  • Truncates items in popup menus for choosing moves if they are long (to be more compatible with older systems, which might refuse to display such menus.)
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the Language Reference.


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