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AUGUST 29, 2013
We finally squashed a major and long lasting problem with the free games section. As of now normal service is resumed.
Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your tested patience.

MARCH, 2004

Zillions games for download are now searchable and browsable! Visit the exciting new launch of the Free Games section.

Zillions was selected for the "Computer Gaming World" magazine's 101 Free Games ("the best of the best")!

AUGUST 16, 2003
Now Available: Syntax highlighting in Crimson Editor

AUGUST 11, 2003
Now Available: Syntax highlighting in TextPad

JUNE 5, 2003
A WinBoard engine adaptor

MAY 16, 2003
How to colorize ZRF syntax in text editors.

MAY 9, 2003

Free patch from 2.0(p) available.

DECEMBER 10, 2002
Zillions of Games 2 now available! Great new features!

JUNE 26, 2001
The third "Best of the Zillions" contest has now begun! CLICK HERE to try out the fantastic games that have been nominated and cast your vote for the Best of the Best.

JUNE 17, 2001

MAY 23, 2001

MARCH 19, 2001
Zillions receives a great review in PC Today & Smart Computing (March 2001 - Vol. 9 Iss. 3)!

JANUARY 4, 2001
New patch is available! Update your version of Zillions of Games to version 1.2.3 - FOR FREE!

The Demo has also been upgraded. Check here for the new version.

DECEMBER 9, 2000
Place a vote in the "Best of the Zillions" Contest - or suggest a game you think deserves to be considered for the next round.

New patch is available! Update your version of Zillions of Games to version 1.2.2 - FOR FREE!

OCTOBER 25, 2000
Zillions was mentioned in GAMES Magazine's "Electronic Games 100"!

OCTOBER 21, 2000
New patch is available! Update your version of Zillions of Games to version 1.2.1 - FOR FREE!

SEPTEMBER 20, 2000
There's a new review of Zillions in the German publication, Computerschach und Spiele.
Click here for details!

JULY 28, 2000
Check out our new
Drop by and let your voice be heard.

APRIL 4, 2000
Zillions receives a wonderful review in GAMES Magazine's May 2000 Issue!

MARCH 7, 2000
Zillions receives an AWESOME mention in Computer Gaming World Magazine's April 2000 issue!

FEBRUARY 25, 2000
Zillions receives a very nice mention in Maximum PC Magazine!

FEBRUARY 21, 2000
Zillions wins Game Depot's "Must Download" Award! Check out the review.

FEBRUARY 7, 2000
Home of the Underdogs gives Zillions a "Top Dog" review!

JANUARY 25, 2000
Zillions receives an 8.5 out of 10 score on GameGirlz!

JANUARY 20, 2000
Zillions receives an 8.4 out of 10 score in Games Weekly Magazine!

JANUARY 7, 2000
Zillions works with the Logitech WingMan Force Feedback Mouse! Here's how!

DECEMBER 29, 1999
Zillions gets a "5 Cow" rating at Tucows!

DECEMBER 21, 1999
Zillions gets an awesome review on Serious Gamers!

DECEMBER 20, 1999
Zillions of Games will soon be available in German! Check here for more details.

DECEMBER 16, 1999
Zillions gets a really great review on MeccaWorld.com!

DECEMBER 16, 1999
Ready for a new version of Zillions of Games? Patches to upgrade to version 1.1.1 are now available for free download!

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